How It Works

search our databaseSearch for an event you will like to attend. Let us know if your event isn’t listed and we will make sure it is the next time around


register for eventRegister for events at discount rates unique to our site. Special perks and offers also accompany some registrations


receive reward pointsReward points will be automatically added to you account and a notification will be sent to you


redeem reward pointsRedeem reward points for dinning, spa sessions, future registration and more.


How To Earn More Points

The Status-Quo – Chances are you attend one or more conference, summit, training or exhibition each year. Registration cost for these events are usually in the hundreds dollars. If you’re lucky, your employer pay your way (we can make you luckier – keep reading). For the rest, especially entrepreneurs and the self-employed, registration cost is out of pocket. This is the status-quo – Eventsplug can help!

Discounts and Reward Points – With Eventsplug, all listed events come with registration discounts or special offers. We also provide you with reward points on all events you attend. Why not incentivize events like travel product? Reward points are equivalent to cash!

Consolidation of All Rewards – A great benefit of our rewards program is you get points for ALL events you attend regardless of event organizer or location! Chances are all events you attend are planned by different organizers and perks, if any, vary from event to event – who has the time or patience to keep up with all that? With Eventsplug, your rewards are aggregated in ONE account with ONE set of rules. This way you get the biggest bang for your professional efforts.

Consolidation of Spend for Taxes and Book keeping – Another benefit we provide is the consolidation of your events and professional training spend. Now you can visit one site and get all the information you need on events attended year after year.

who we are Who are we


We incentivize professional events attendance through:

  • Registration discounts
  • Reward points (equivalent to cash!)
  • Special offers and promotions

We reward you for doing what you already do and we take this very seriously!

who we are not Who we’re not


  • We’re not event organizers
  • We’re not a calendar (though we list events!)
  • We’re not a daily deal site