Reward points Q & A

How do I earn points?

Simple, especially for early adopters! Complete the form to the right of this page or our home-page and Like us on Facebook. That’s it! Points will be added to your account and a notification will be sent to you. Also note there are several ways to accumulate points beyond signing-up and liking us on Facebook. Learn more

What is the value of my reward points?

5,000 points    = $20.00 USD

10,000 points = $45.00 USD

20,000 points = $95.00 USD

(Note: points may be given in the form of gift certificates to our partner restaurants, spas, museums etc)

Is there a limit to points I can earn?

Hmmm, let’s see….No! You can accumulate as much points as you fancy. See ways to earn more points. Also, watch out for special offers from partners and events offering chances to earn points. Liking us on Facebook will keep you in the loop but following us on Twitter will certainly give you an advantage for limited time sensitive offers

How do I know my points balance?

We will send you monthly notifications of your points balance.

Are earned points tangible (with value) or is this just a game?

Points are equivalent to cash and can be used for future registration purchases, dinning at partnering restaurants, spa sessions and more. We’ve made it very easy for early adopters to accumulate points. It is safe to say it won’t remain this easy for ever. So accumulate now!

How do I retrieve my points?

You can retrieve points at various thresholds. A check will be sent to you. When you reach any of the thresholds, a notification is sent to you advising you to request a check for your points

Do checks or points expire?

Yes, once requested and sent, you have 180 days to use check or gift card. Also if your account is inactive for 12 months, you loose your points.

Let us know if you have any other questions. Use the feedback tab to the right of this page to contact us. Happy earning!