Corporate Attendees


  1. Event marketing through exhibitions is a high-yield marketing channel. Recent reports show every $1 spent on events marketing equates to $12 in revenue
  2. B2B marketing has been and will remain highly dependent on face-to-face events
  3. Businesses spend an average of $600 per employee per event
  4. Large companies send an average of 100 to 350 employees to major conferences and trade shows
  5. Businesses attend at least 2 to 3 major events annually
  6. Most large and international corporations do not have total visibility on number of employees sent to events

At Eventsplug, we believe businesses, especially those with strong events attendance, should be offered preferred registration rates similar to corporate rates offered by airlines, hoteliers and travel agencies. Businesses can save between 10 to 40% on registration cost. Employees will also enjoy our reward points program.

How We Do It – Simple! Demand Consolidation

We aggregate the attendance demand of our corporate clients and use as leverage in negotiating preferred registration rates with organizers. Since most conferences, training and marketing budgets are pre-determined, all savings made go directly to our clients’ bottom-line!

Why Businesses Don’t Negotiate Preferred Rates?

Since most major conferences and trade shows are planned by different organizers, businesses face the inherent inefficiencies of negotiating preferred rates with numerous entities and as a result, don’t. This is due to the proverbial “cost vs benefit” conundrum!

How To Become a Corporate Client

Our process is simple does not requires dramatic changes to the way businesses operate. For process effectiveness, it is best an executive takes ownership or endorses the process

  1. Signup for FREE as an EventsPlug corporate client
  2. Company-wide email / message is sent to all employees directing them to provide the names of all conferences and exhibitions attended in the previous 12 months. Email will direct employees to an intranet page or to a secure Eventsplug page. We provide giveaways to incentivize form completion 
  3. EventsPlug compiles and consolidates the data and provide client with expected future savings (10 – 40%, depending on industry and demand)