Reward Points for Conferences

Reward Points for Conferences

incentiveIn the majority of cases, we travel to most conferences and trade shows we attend. Here at eventsplug, we believe attendees should be rewarded for their participation in events. Travelers are rewarded for air and ground transportation, hotel stays, credit card use and more. Why not for the events they attend as well?

We also mean tangible rewards redeemable for real-world products and services i.e. dinning at restaurants, spa visits, wine tasting and future conference registration. Too many websites today push points and badges with no real value. You know the ones we’re talking about!

All our users have to do is purchase their registration via our website to start earning points! The big advantage here is user get points for all event registrations purchased from us regardless of organizer. So all of your rewards are in one location for maximum impact. Think about the convenience of having all your frequent flyer miles in one consolidated account rather than with each air carrier? Websites like and actually make money fulfilling the ‘convenience’ purpose.

Eventsplug is currently beta testing. To get exclusive registration rates and three times the nominal reward points for events attended, provide us with your email address here

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